From Taxi-trucks to heavy good transportation, Fast-Konnect is a name of confidence and reliability. We at Fast-Konnect provide reliability and comfort to our customers providing them with state-of-art service at affordable cost. Fast Konnect Transport taxi trucks are fitted with high tech communication to ensure contact between base & driver is available at all times.

Formed in late 1900s, Fast-Konnect has years of experience in logistics transportation. The continued growth is attributed to the company’s strong management team that established Fast-Konnect as one of the leading transporters in Australia. Being a transport services company, our focus is to further develop and to provide our customers complete logistics solutions. We comparatively check our service level from time to time against the industry’s best players as a benchmark for continuous improvement.

In view of the above and moving abreast with technology, Fast-Konnect has formed its own forwarding & customs brokerage division nationwide .In addition, Fast-Konnect has its own ware-house to provide our customers with the warehousing services so as to say that we provide all transportation services under-one-roof.

A Team of Experience Personals

Fast-Konnect offices nationwide are managed by professionals , who are expertise's in their own areas of management in managing the business. The combination of both upper & senior management which has an extensive experience enables us to strategize and build a strong business relationships with all existing and potential customers.

The executives, supervisors and customer service are a group of trained personnel who understand the transport and logistics industry to perform their tasks & surpassing customer's expectations.

The frontline runners and operations clerk consists of experience & trained personnel in line with their job requirement and ability to execute their daily routine within the stipulated time. The drivers are selected through police vetting and besides their skills , training program are arranged to suit respective customer's regulatory requirements .

We have a team of professional and dedicated personnel who will ensure delivery of the best services on time and at all times.